'60AC' 60mm "Ultra Aero" 25mm Wide Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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'60AC' 60mm "Ultra Aero" 25mm Wide Carbon Clincher Wheelset

Find out what a difference a great set of wheels makes to the feel and performance of a bike!

These full carbon wheels are strong and durable enough to be used off-road, over the roughest road surfaces, but also light enough for fast accelerations and rotations. Great for climbing hills! The new Basalt braking surface disipates heat extremely well even on long decents under heavy braking in hot weather. They provide very solid braking performance in rain and mud when used with the supplied Cork Brake pads (specific for carbon rims).

Light rotational weight, fantastic aerodynamics, great in cross-winds, and carry the speed/momentum really well! Are you ready to take flight??

Compatible with Shimano/Sram, and Campagnolo (9, 10, or 11 speed), our latest wheel offerings incorporate the latest technological advancements based on lab, wind tunnel, and race course testing and extensive development. They are very lightweight, stiff, carry momentum extremely well, offer superior aerodynamics, durability, vibration dampening, and a more comfortable ride.  Every component of our wheels (rims, hubs, spokes, nipples) are of the finest quality, have gone through extensive development, are race-proven, and can offer superior performance even under extreme conditions such as rain, mud, snow, and ice.

Rims: Our new wider (25mm), more aerodynamic u-shaped rims work extremely well with both Road and Cyclocross tires in various widths. New construction methods, fiber placement and layup schedule enable us to use the best types of fibers placed in the best areas in a way that maximizes strength, stiffness, compliance and vibration dampening. We are able to offer the exterior surface in either Unidirectional (UD) Carbon weave or 3K Carbon weave. Both are available in a Gloss or Matte finish with White or Red Graphics. With our Basalt braking surface and included carbon-specific brake pads, heat from braking is dissipated and excellent braking power is achieved. (Our brake pads also work fine on aluminum wheels) Rim weight: Only 549 grams.

Hubs: Our newest ‘FANATIC’ hubs are produced in conjunction with one of the finest hub manufacturers in the world and are made to our strict specifications using sealed Swiss precision bearings (2 for front, 4 for rear) with 6 engagement pawls for the rear hub (as opposed to the usual 3 that other companies use), straight pull AL6061 Aluminum flanges (black or red CNC Machined) with carbon center shell (BLING!), and patented O-Cricoid spring structure design.
130mm Axel spacing.  Rear Hub Weight: 206 grams, Front Hub Weight: 85 Grams. Upgrade to Ceramic bearings for $90.

Carbon-specific brake pads and lightweight Aluminum Skewers included.

Spokes: Pillar 1420 (Black)

Nipples: PIllar 7075.

Build: 20 Spokes for Front, 24 Spokes for Rear (16-32 Spoke build available). Standard lacing pattern: radial front, radial rear non-drive side, 2 cross drive side.

Color options: White or Red Decals (White decaled wheels come with Black hubs, spokes, and nipples. Red Decaled wheels come with Red hubs, black spokes, and red nipples).


Weight of complete wheelset: Only 1585 Grams!!

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